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Todos Pela Educação (Successfully Completed Project)

Educate A Child and Todos Pela Educação in Brazil signed an agreement on April 30th, 2013 to activate a one year project in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo to mobilize support for school inclusion, retention and education quality for out of school children.

Todos Pela Educação (Successfully Completed Project)
Todos Pela Educação (Successfully Completed Project)

Todos Pela Educação was founded in September 2006 and is financed by the private sector, bringing together civil society organizations, educators and public managers to work toward guaranteeing the right of all Brazilian children to a quality basic education. 

Todos Pela Educação generates knowledge and mobilizes support. The goals of the movement are to provide the conditions of access, literacy and school success, the expansion of resources invested in basic education, and improved resource management.

With the EAC partnership, Todos will focus on the following activities:
Civil Society: A radio network of 500 stations will broadcast information campaigns on the importance of all children in school.

Education Specialists: Engage education specialists to advocate for policy change.

Government Bodies: Host a conference with high profile leaders focusing on the local challenges in Brazil’s two largest cities.

Advocate for policy change and strategic interventions that will lead to universalization of primary schooling with potential to impact 230,000 OOSC.