Implementing Partner

Oando Foundation

EAC, in collaboration with the Oando Foundation, will implement a three-year project to increase access to primary education for 60,000 out of school children (OOSC) across 100 public schools in Nigeria.

Oando Foundation

According to the UIS, Nigeria is home to the world’s largest population of OOSC, which stands at approximately 8.7 million (GMR, 2010). In an attempt to support of the country’s education reform initiatives and relieve pressure on government resources, the Oando Foundation is seeking to revamp an array of government-run primary schools.

In order to realise their mission Oando seeks to improve the learning environment in primary schools by holistically creating world-class basic education systems to the community, and meet their vision to create a sustainable and successful educational system in Nigeria that educates and empowers children.  The Oando Foundation’s focus is positioned across eight distinct topical areas: girls education, infrastructural development, teacher training, early childhood care, information technology, scholarship programmes, community engagement and advocacy.

The Oando Foundation’s core objective is the successful implementation of the Adopt-A-School Initiative (AASI), a public-private partnership designed to improve public primary schools through a broadly integrated approach to school upgradation. The AASI proceeds with the premise that government funding unto itself is not sufficient to bring schools to the required standards. Therefore, the participation and involvement of private sector actors and other partners are necessary. The AASI impacts Nigeria’s education sector by identifying, adopting, and renovating dilapidated public schools, and thereby improving the quality of learning.


Adopt A School Initiative

Reaching 60,000 OOSC, the EAC and Oando Foundation (OF) Project in Nigeria focuses on adopting 27 schools in nine Northern Nigerian States of Adamawa, Bauchi, Kaduna, Katsina, Kwara, Niger, Plateau, Sokoto and Taraba with particularly large numbers of out of school children (OOSC).