Resource Partners

Resource partners are organisations that contribute to EAC’s mission through providing evidence of what works in reaching out of school children (OOSC); innovation in developing the most practical, appropriate and affordable means to addressing the obstacles faced by OOSC; and financial resources that help close the funding gap for primary education.

EAC defines resources broadly. We are seeking partners in the following areas, at least:

Intellectual Resources:

More than ideas, we are seeking examples of what is known and what works for out of school children at scale. In this regard, we are not interested in funding new research but in finding out what evidence exists, so that we focus most of our support on proven approaches.


Much innovation occurs on the "edges" of ongoing work. Useful innovations are those that often have been developed by practitioners in their attempts to overcome obstacles to their daily work. We are particularly interested in these as they are usually practical, appropriate and affordable.

Human Resources:

Contributions of talent are frequently immeasurable, but they enable progress towards a shared aim and, in many instances, enable the contributor to grow and develop both professionally and personally.

Financial Resources:

The funding gap for primary education is inexcusable in a world where those who have benefitted from education are now benefitting financially in ways that are hard for the poor, or even the middle class, to comprehend. Currently, external aid to primary education is about one-tenth of what is needed to get children into school and learning so that they can become contributing citizens of tomorrow. There are entire sectors of our economies that benefit daily from their educated workforce and ensuring this continues in the future requires an investment in the present. The need for funding partners is more urgent than ever.

How to become a resource partner

If your organisation shares EAC vision and goals and would like to be considered as a Resource Partner, please contact us at: