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EAC's ZERO OOSC Strategy

The march to 10 million was only the beginning. EAC takes to heart its role as a leader for global action and creating opportunities for OOSC around the world to actualise a brighter future through education. In addition to continuing to reach OOSC the world over, with the implementation of ZERO, EAC will collaborate with different governments that have been working steadily over the years to bring UPE to fruition and education exclusion to a final conclusion.

EAC's ZERO OOSC Strategy
EAC, cognizant of the progress made, lessons learned and the promises left unfulfilled, remains steadfast in its aim to identify and enrol the hardest-to-reach OOSC. For sustainable development means little if millions of children’s basic human right to education is violated. Uneducated children miss out on a chance at a better life for themselves, their families and communities. The continued incidence of OOSC, particularly in countries that linger on the cusp of universal primary education (UPE), serves as a clarion call for the world to change the way it works if we are to achieve a sustainable planet.
EAC wishes to help these countries close the gap through its new ZERO OOSC Strategy. By working together to demonstrate how a country can bring OOSC down to ZERO, we shall be proposing effective means to address some of the major challenges facing children, communities and long-term sustainable development.
Publication Date: 
January 05, 2020