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EAC Brochure March 2022

Today, there are still more than 59 million primary-level children worldwide missing out on their right to education. Clearly, there is work to do, children to reach and a promise to keep.

EAC Brochure March 2022

As part of a Foundation that supports and advocates for education access globally, EAC utilises a robust governance structure to ensure quality across its purview of programmatic delivery. EAA/EAC is audited by Ernst & Young, governed by an international board with Executive and Audit Committees that meet regularly, and its financial management and governance policies fully align with international standards. In addition to the aforementioned, EAC exerts a further set of controls on its technical and operational actions, so that partners can carry out what they pledge to do, based upon mutually-agreed targets, activities and budgets. As it happens, partnership projects with EAC are the result of stringent due diligence processes. 

To date, EAC has secured OOSC enrolment commitments in excess of 12.8 million and actual enrolments have surpassed 10.7 million, while its financial investment stands at over US$827 million with additional leveraged funds of more than US$1.3 billion in partner co-funding. Total funding for EAC projects now exceeds US$2.1 billion. 


Publication Date: 
April 03, 2022