Our Supporters

Our Supporters

Irina Bokova

Director General, UNESCO

"Education is a fundamental human right, a key to resilience, peace and prosperity. We cannot build the future we want when 57 million children are out of school. The international community made a commitment at the turn of this century to achieve universal primary education by 2015. For this to happen, we must work more collaboratively, intensively and innovatively. We must put Education First, the aim of the United Nations Secretary-General’s new initiative launched in September 2012. “Educate a Child” is a direct contribution to this goal.  It goes to where the needs are greatest and operates in a spirit of partnership and national ownership. Together, working with governments, communities and UN partners, in countries and regions where educational deprivation runs high, where conflict has torn the social fabric, we will build the capacity of authorities and train teachers to set up and run accelerated learning programs. UNESCO full-heartedly commends Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, our Organization’s Special Envoy for Basic and Higher Education, for launching this targeted and strategic program. When you educate a child, you sow the seeds of a more peaceful future. This is at the heart of UNESCO’s mission and our conviction as the lead UN agency for Education for All."


Co-founder of ONE campaign

"The data around education is not always measurable, but there’s still overwhelming evidence that investment in schooling and learning has one of the highest rates of return. We know, for example, that each year of school means a 10% growth in income, and that a child’s chances of leading a healthy and productive life are higher if the mother is educated. Education also gives hope, which is the hardest to measure, but shows one of the greatest returns of all."

Richard Branson

Founder of Virgin Group and Virgin Unite

"Education is vital to break the cycle of poverty. It should be a priority regardless of where a child lives. This inspiring new venture offers hope and opens up opportunities to children who are facing desperate situations."

Mr Faitchou Etienne

Ministry of Primary and Civic Education, Chad

"I would like to thank her Highness for her initiative of educating each child. My vision is that all the Chadian children have access to quality education; no more out-of- school children. I would like our education system to deliver quality services that meets the needs of the learners in terms of giving them insights and skills such as information technology. I would also like all adults to be literate and numerate. Again, thank you very much for this opportunity to increase access to education for more Chadian children."

Filippo Grandi

Commissioner-General, UNRWA

"I fully endorse the new partnership between UNRWA and Educate a Child with a strong emphasis on the urgent needs of Palestinian children in Gaza and elsewhere."

António Guterres

UN High Commissioner for Refugees

"My dream is that every refugee child has access to quality education so they have a chance to build a positive future for themselves and their communities. Her Highness Sheikha Moza's Educate a Child initiative helps bring that dream closer to reality by providing quality education to tens of thousands of refugee children around the world."

Arianna Huffington

President and editor-in-chief, the Huffington Post Media Group

"Educate A Child is an innovative new venture dedicated to a timeless truth: that no child should go without an education."

Tawakkol Karman

Winner of Nobel Peace Prize

"With literacy comes confidence, the chance to earn more money, to become self-sufficient and to speak out. The next generation of girls deserve all of this. I am delighted to endorse Educate A Child and the work to ensure all children reap the benefits of education."

Angélique Kidjo

Singer and songwriter

"As a passionate Campaigner for girls education I strongly endorse and support the aims of the Educate A Child initiative. Anything that can be done to get more kids into education is a fantastic idea."

Baaba Maal

Singer and guitarist

"The conflicts in my home region of West Africa have meant that many children are just not being educated at the moment. I welcome this new initiative to support their learning and education."

Graça Machel

Former Mozambican minister of education

"When children have lost everything else- their home, their belongings, sometimes even their family - we must make sure that they don’t lose their chance of a brighter future. Educate A Child is a groundbreaking new initiative which aims to do just that."

Rakesh Bharti Mittal

Co-Chairman, Bharti Foundation

"It is our privilege to be a part of the Educate a Child (EAC) movement and contribute with our knowledge and expertise to realize its objectives. This project not only has synergies with our vision but at a strategic level, we also see congruence between our Satya Bharti School program and what, Her Highness wishes to catalyze globally. We are very happy that Bharti Foundation and our Satya Bharti School program will contribute to this inspiring initiative."

The RT Honorable Gordon Brown

DMP, United Nations Secretary General’s Special Envoy For Global Education

"Her Highness Sheikha Moza is an outstanding global leader in development. She has a passionate interest in children and in meeting their educational needs, especially in conflict areas, and deserves the gratitude and support of the entire world community for her path-breaking work for compassion and justice."

Alek Wek

UNHCR Supporter

"I was told that a young South Sudanese girl is three times more likely to die in childbirth than make it to the eighth grade. That is why I am thrilled to collaborate with UNHCR on the Educate A Child initiative -- education is the key to South Sudan’s future.  To reach the millions of children without access to primary education, the international community must step up and contribute to partnerships like that of Educate A Child and UNHCR.  In some of the camps on the border of South Sudan 60-70% of the refugees are under the age of 18. These children must have access to education to enable a productive future.  Education has a multiplying effect, when you educate a girl, you educate a family and you educate a community.  My father instilled in me a fierce commitment to education. My vision for the future of South Sudan = infrastructure and education."

Leymah Gbowee

Winner of Nobel Peace Prize

"Education - especially for young girls is an essential part of rebuilding a country. I have seen the impact on a society when young women have been given the opportunities they deserve and how everyone benefits. This Educate A Child Campaign, I believe, will create real opportunities for children for a safer and more secure future."

Carol Bellamy

Former Chair, Global Partnership for Education

"The Global Partnership for Education is delighted to be working with Her Highness Sheikha Moza and her important Educate a Child initiative. Educate a Child will make a valuable contribution to our shared goal of seeing more children in school for a good quality education. Sudan, South Sudan and Chad require significant additional education support and we are delighted that Educate a Child has included them in their first round of funding."

Majida Al Roumi

"Educate the children... unleash their potential; give us big hopes for their promising future, seeking knowledge for a better life.  Give us big hopes for their tender hands so we can change the face of the earth devastated by wars, illiteracy and hard minds.  Open the doors for our aspired peace that will come with them… a peace thirsty for our merciful God to bless humanity with justice, goodness and grace.  Let us join hands with the beloved and big hearted Qatar, and help this noble cause, emanating from its great vision. Let us together open every door for the world’s children spring, a world full of hope, aspirations, dreams and prosperity.  Aren’t we tired yet, aren’t we weary of the cold on the unsheltered, the cold and long winter nights?  Let us educate our children. Let us give them hope for better dewy mornings, without them the sun will never shine again."